How to run online advertising effectively?

When we talk about investing in online advertising, whether it is on social media platforms or search engines, we find three types of business owners and entrepreneurs:

  1. We have the one who thinks it is a waste of money
  2. Also, there is that one that believes that it is important to have followers, reach and some interaction.
  3. And finally, it comes this one who understands and knows how to use online advertising as a powerful tool for conversion.

Which of the above is right? Yeah, it’s an easy one. Number three.

In this post, I’m gonna give you my points on why I consider that the one who thinks paid advertising is a waste of money is wrong, although I understand why he believes that. And also I will tell you why the second one is missing a big opportunity to make a real and systemic impact on his business sales.

Here we are going to go through:

  • What is the problem for entrepreneurs and business owners when it comes to investing on the internet.
  • What is a sales funnel and why it is important for online advertising.
  • Versus: run ads with NO Sales and Marketing Funnel and run ads WITH Sales and Marketing Funnel
  • And our free guide to run ads successfully

Let’s get ready to rumble!

The problem that Online Advertising represents for business owners and entrepreneurs

Those business owners and executives who say that Social Media and Google Advertising is an expense might have 2 reasons:

The first reason covers those who have a very old school mindset in business: they believe faithfully in traditional advertising, in the worth of mouth and cold outreach. They have done well in the offline world and they believe that that is enough, that they don’t need more. In this case, it depends on themselves to open their minds to new and more efficient ways to attract clients and sell.

The second one worries me the most, and here I say “I understand a little those who don’t believe in online advertising” because it is very likely this is related to a bad experience in this world.

It is possible that this entrepreneur or someone in his/her team decided to start online advertising on their own, intuitively, or worse, they paid a “professional” but this one didn’t have enough knowledge on this platforms and its best practices, maybe he was missing a strategy and didn’t have clear some basic concepts as Target Audience and Campaign Objectives and so.

So, what did the get? Nothing else than a few likes. A peak on their statistics, and then numbers came down again to normality (here in Trópico we call it a Peak of Hope).

If this is your case, it’s obvious you gonna find a barrier to invest again on Facebook or Google, Why should you keep throwing your money when you can allocate it in a better way?

HOLD ON! LET ME HELP YOU REWIRE THAT MINDSET, gimme the chance to convince you, let’s read all this post.

Before I give you the solution, let’s analyze the second case above, where the entrepreneur believes that investing in online advertising is important to get more fans, shares, and interaction.

Advertise on Social Platforms to get just likes?

  • Increase followers
  • Get more interactions
  • Widen your reach

These goals might seem attractive for some, indeed, are valuable metrics in terms of brand positioning and growing a digital community that supports us, that help us grow and give credit to us. But also is true, that this doesn’t have a direct impact on the business, a few more likes do not guarantee success with your products or services.

For that, it is needed and POSSIBLE, to achieve that your investment on social media and search engines get a tangible and impactful outcome on your sales.

Let’s picture this:


John Doe, Business For Life INC.

This is neat, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you love this to be your testimonial?

So good news, this is possible. The Internet can make your business so profitable that it could even beat your offline channels or your traditional strategies.

And to make this scenario a reality, ONLINE ADVERTISING is key.  It is proven that with simple and isolated organic actions you will never get a sufficient reach and impact with your digital platforms (Take a look at how algorithms work).

But bear in mind this is not about running an Ad as an independent action, but having a complete conversion strategy based on a sales and marketing funnel, that roughly is a system that works as an inverted triangle with the main objective of attracting, preparing and converting your users or readers into clients. Working with the perfect mix between the knowledge of the natural behavior of the human being, the knowledge of your ideal client and the most suitable digital marketing elements for your case.

Let’s think again:

Don’t you think you are missing the chance the Internet is giving you to get besides likes, a real increment in sales and leads for your business?

We feel you mate, We understand that fear, the uncertainty and the negative you can experience at first. But it’s time to change that way of thinking. You should go deep into this matter, see case studies, educate yourself and make the homework on different sources.

From there on, you will have the certainty of what steps you have to take next to take your business to a higher level.

On our side, we have studied, applied and tested this lot, A LOT, and the outcome it’s been CONTUNDENT, one of our case studies is a proof of that, Intymen, a men underwear brand has managed to get a 500% increase in sales only through its e-commerce.

With this system, our vision of online advertising has got a new meaning, a more effective and logical one.

Before running an Ad with no Funnel we had to go fingers crossed to get some results, leads or quotation. But now, we have the certainty that when a client put his money on a structured system where we know very well who we are talking to, what are their interests, how much does he know you and how well prepared he or she is to get your product or service, the risk is diminished and the likelihood of converting increase.

VERSUS: Advertise with no Funnel vs Advertise with Funnel

To make this clearer for you, I will compare how it’s to advertise on Facebook when your business has a Sales Funnel and when it doesn’t.

Facebook Ads with no sales Funnel Facebook Ads with sales Funnel

  • You get more followers
  • Also more interactions on your posts
  • The reach or your Fanpage increases as well

  • You know your numbers
  • You know how much you have to invest to reach your sales goals
  • Leads come consistently and predictably
  • Full tracking after a visit
  • You are present through the conversion process
  • It’s fully automated or semi-automated
  • Always positive ROI
  • High scalability
  • Optimisation based on analytics
  • You send out the right message to the right audience at the right moment
  • Cost Per Click optimizable
  • User behavior will be on your side
  • You build up a sales or leads machine that feeds your sales cycle constantly
  • You’ll invest your budget strategically
  • You will be able to pay more traffic than competitors
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs get results so they believe and invest more and better

  • There’s no strategy, they are isolated and limited actions
  • There’s no certainty
  • There isn’t automation nor scalability
  • It is inconsistent
  • There is no tracking after your user clicks
  • Low efforts to convert users into customers
  • NO positive ROI
  • Low conversion rates
  • High risk to target the wrong audience
  • You don’t know what type of content converts the most
  • Predictability? Don’t count on this, you know how much you put in, but not how much you’ll get back
  • Easy to burn out all your budget
  • You are not feeding your sales cycle
  • Business owners get afraid of trying these platforms because they think they work
  • You aren’t taking advantage of the natural human being behavior
“CONS” (They are more like needs so you can get successful campaigns)

  • Design and implement an advertising campaign takes time and investigation
  • It is a must to define very your ideal client.
  • You need a budget to start your campaign.
  • You need to tweak your current strategies so that your visitors are redirected to a more efficient sales process
  • As this process requires a lot of knowledge and time, the recommendation is outsourcing it or to invest in know-how.


Now that you know this, let’s get our hands dirty

How to create a successful Ad?

  • First and always, repeat after me: Always define and design your ideal client, even before building the funnel. This is basic because this will set the tone of your communication, you will know what his or her interests are, how they behave, and a lot of information on how to segment and target our ads precisely
  • Another point here is to have compelling content. For instance, clicks on a video and a quiz are cheaper than plain images due to they are audiovisuals and second they generate more intention on your user
  • All the elements on the Ad have to be coherent among them. The copy, the call to action, the content, the description, and the offer must be aligned into the objective, conversion.

OK? That’s more than enough for today, I hope I have given you a better landscape of online advertising. It’s for real that with a very solid use of a sales and marketing funnel, you will get an ROI highly positive. And later when you are getting way better results you won’t have to worry about the budget because the process will feed again that cycle.

And if you still reading down here it seems to me that you are very serious about business and you probably want to learn how to build up your money machine, if so click here and figure out how ready you are to get your business to a higher level with this test. Wait no more and let’s go for more!


See you later!