Maluma: Even the Pretty Boy needs his marketing and sales funnel

MALUMA is considered by specialized critics as one of the most impactful urban music artists in Latin America, winner of countless awards and recognitions in the world of music. With collaborations with world-class artists such as, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Shakira; Thalía, Carlos Vives and the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

To centralize the marketing and sales processes of merchandising and its Meet & Greet flagship product. Also, to achieve a platform at the level and category of the Artist and his medium.

To Channel and automate the sales process of the artist’s products and his high traffic. In addition, granting control to their whole work team since previously this process was carried out on the site of a third party.

Design a website for the artist as a brand, where a sales cart was also implemented for users to finalize transactions within it. All based on an automated funnel strategy freeing up the work team’s time.

The result!

A high-end website where visitors can find everything from the artist’s music and his upcoming events and tickets, to the purchase of Meet & Greet and later the Meet & Greet buyers photography with Maluma. And an automated purchase process for the user.


The high traffic the artist has is no a secret. Even so, it was necessary to channel all these users towards a purchase process established step by step to make the most of it and not miss a single opportunity to monetize for the business. As I mentioned earlier, regardless of the size of your project, you should opt for a funnel strategy, otherwise you are really leaving money on the table.

What the client says!

We went with Trópico Digital as our digital agency for social management, conversion optimization, product page design, and website development. They centralized and automated all the buying processes in our main platform, the website. The result, massive amounts of traffic and sales driven to both website and social pages. We highly recommend these guys.

Daniel VelezHead of Marketing, Maluma

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